Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alternative Trailblazers

1. ZappaNose
When it comes to all things Zappa, the ZappaNose search engine (designed using Google Co-op) is the ultimate search tool! Google Co-op is a project that allows users to design custom search engines. Designers pick key websites to receive more weight within the specialized searches.
(Now available - HawkNet : The Hawkwind Guide)

2. Quintura
Quintura is a search engine that totally embraces the semantic web. The engine, based on Yahoo!, provides both a list of results and a tag cloud. The bolder and larger words within the cloud are generally more relevant to the search. This type of searching is extremely intuitive.

3. ChaCha
ChaCha may look like a typical Google-type search engine but it has a unique twist: ChaCha Guides. ChaCha calls itself the People Powered Search because the user can actually instant message a ChaCha Guide to assist them in their search. ChaCha Guides are professional information gathers that surf the net while rating websites to improve searches.

Zappa and Hawkwind