Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Don't hate the media. Become the media."

I adore Kathleen HannaIn this clip, Kathleen Hanna (ex-Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre) speaks with Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine) and NPR about about music, file trading, and mix technology in the digital age and how current copyright laws are placing a wedge between artist and fan.

Thurston MooreThurston Moore (Sonic Youth) released a book called Mix Tape that looks at music trading over the last 40 years. In this article, Thurston discusses the history and importance of the mix tape and why it will continue into the future.
Jello Biafra Live
At the 2000 H.O.P.E conference, Jello Biafra (ex-Dead Kennedys) delivered his keynote address about corporate control of the media, the presidential election, censorship, the future of the Internet, Napster, pirate radio, online activism, and hackers.

Must be at least 54". Not recommended for expectant mothers, those with a history of neck or back conditions, heart trouble, conditions aggravated by fog effects, those wearing casts or susceptible to motion sickness.)