Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stardate -331595.4

Enterprise-DIn 1992, Apple Computers began work on a prototype platform that would allow the Mac OS to run on Intel-based x86 architecture (PCs). The slogan for Project Star Trek was: "To boldly go where no Mac has gone before." Although, Project Star Trek was eventually completed, it was considered a failure, because it required very specific hardware and all of the software needed to be ported. Apple also feared that continuation of the project would eventually lead to the creation of more competition for itself. Project Star Trek inspired third parties to produce some powerful emulators, such vMac and Basilisk II. A decade after initial development, Apple Computers also released an open source emulator program, called Darwin, allowing the Unix-based core of OSX to run on Intel processors. Today, Darwin is one of many open source projects designed under The Apple Public Source License.

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