Thursday, July 5, 2007

You are Here

After the Fall by Edward Field
University of Pittsburgh Press

Excerpt from Homeland Security

My advice to anybody who looks like an Arab these days is,
when you're in a post office or jogging around the reservoir,
never stop and jot down any notes,
even if its a great idea for a poem.
And for God's sake don't snap any photos at the airport,
even of your cousins arriving from St. Louis.
God forbid you should draw a map of the subway for them,
showing the route between their hotel and your house.

And if a new "friend" - the guy on the next barstool, say -
starts suggesting pranks
like blowing up tunnels or poisoning the water supply
or, God forbid, assassinating anyone
and how it might be done by you and a few pals,
just keep saying what's fun about that,
even as a reality game, and you're really only
interested in poetry about nightingales.
That's Life